The power of education extends beyond the development of skills needed for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation.

Nelson Mandela
The Agile


Agile Capital’s deep commitment to the empowerment of others extends to developing projects that make a direct social impact. This is the mandate of the Agile Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is tasked with achieving real and practical redress in South Africa’s impoverished communities. The Foundation develops projects that facilitate opportunities to contribute to the needs that challenge South Africa.

In recognition of one of our founders, the late Londeka Shezi, CA(SA), the Foundation develops projects that facilitate opportunities to contribute to the needs that challenge South Africa. Ms Shezi was passionate about and dedicated to education and development and passionate about the development of women. She was instrumental  in the formation of Agile Capital and we are proud to continue her mission of giving back to the communities we come from.


The purpose is to:

  • Promote education
  • Support skills development and training
  • Support health and social entrepreneurship focusing on underprivileged communities of South Africa

Promoting Education

The Foundation seeks to incorporate school governance including issues concerning who is involved in running a school and what they are responsible for. It looks at the development of a school in its entirety.

This includes programmes which address the needs in education provision be it from the principals (training), educators (teaching) or parents and students (curriculum guidance). This could be educational enrichment, academic support or supplementary tuition.

The Agile Foundation understands that there are a number of challenges that face students at any stage and provides career guidance along with counseling services to persons attending any school or higher education institution. It aims at enabling these learners to overcome the many obstacles in their path.

Skills Development & Training

Lead by a team of people who believe passionately that people can empower themselves for their own future, The Agile Foundation seeks to fully utilise the entrepreneurial potential in disadvantaged communities.

The Foundation identifies appropriate entrepreneurs in under-resourced communities and provides them with training and resources needed to compete in business. Its philosophy is to ensure that as long as entrepreneurs have the talent and work ethic, no resource constraints should hold them back.



Through long term partnerships with Schwarzkopf and Henkel South Africa, the Agile Foundation participates in the Shaping Futures learnership program to teach disadvantaged young people the skills of hairdressing, beauty care and general life skills. 

Its goals are to ensure that they can support themselves and change their lives and lives of their families.

Shaping Futures is an initiative by Shwarzkopf Professional and takes place in more than 25 countries around the world. In South Africa, Shaping Futures is a free 6-8 week hairdressing learnership program.

30 Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are selected after interviewing all the applicants.

International professional hairdressers from Europe volunteer their time for one week to come and teach the students the art of cutting Caucasian hair and each student receives a free hairdressing starter pack.

We believe that one cannot learn on an empty stomach, therefore during the course of the program, the students receive free breakfast and lunch.

Agile Foundation contributes with training on business skills and work readiness and provides motivational talks.

The outcomes of the program are:

  • Enhancing up-and coming stylists’ hair care skills
  • Providing them with certifications so that they have proof of their knowledge and skills
  • Facilitating employment opportunities for top-performing students
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