Agile Capital renews focus on high growth sectors as PMG expands

Johannesburg, March 2021 – As Agile Capital celebrates a decade as shareholder and partner in Provantage Media Group (‘PMG’), PMG recently launched a new division which positions it as a leader in the Out of Home Media Specialist space, leading to further transformation in the sector.
“We are exceptionally pleased to enter the Field Sales and Marketing sector,” says Tshego Sefolo, CEO: Agile Capital.
“This industry is worth an estimated R12bn in South Africa and we look forward to unlocking additional value in this fast growing sector.”
Field Force takes the form of an enhanced field sales and marketing division and will focus on growing into one of the leaders in innovative retail sales, merchandising and marketing solutions.
With the sector primed for growth, Agile Capital’s investment in Field Force is a good example of the private equity fund’s vision and ability to remain ahead of the curve when investing in high-growth sectors and businesses.
“Provantage Media Group has a long-standing and established track record of providing effective Out of Home solutions to brand owners,” says PMG’s Deputy CEO, Mzi Deliwe. “But the partnership with Agile Capital has been a gamechanger, and with the renewed focus on the field sales and marketing space, the sky is the limit, in terms of what we can achieve and deliver in this particular area of the business.”
As one of the few black-owned and managed private equity businesses to hold a significant stake in the field sales and marketing space, Agile Capital believes that with the right champion, like PMG, shareholders are able to realize significant value. This while delivering innovative solutions to clients in the field sales and marketing sector, solidifying the business and ensuring sustainability and good long-term prospects. Agile Capital has built a reputation as a private equity fund that identifies opportunity in sectors with good growth potential early on, and the Field Force investment is no different.
PMG is proudly 52% black-owned along with significant black female-ownership and, in partnership with Agile Capital, is well-placed to drive meaningful growth for customers and deliver tangible results in the OOH space.

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